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J-co Handles Hard Floor Care

We specialize in all types of hard floors

J-co Handles Hard Floor Care

Do your floors shine? Can you see your reflection? If not, we can help.

J-co specializes in all types of hard floors. From the 12” tile to marble, granite, ceramic tile, terra cotta, slate, terrazzo, agglomerates and more. We create a customized hard floor care program specifically for you. With expert recommendations on equipment, time-saving tips, supplies and training on proper procedures we will help make and keep your floors beautiful.

We realize that anyone can make claims, but we are on another level. We back ours up with referrals from current customers, some of which we’ve impressed for over 20 years. Anyone with a hard floor can benefit from our program.

Our Floor Care Program

Thanks to our floor care program a nearby school district has not stripped their floors in over 8 years. The maintenance supervisor says they are going to wait a few more years before stripping. They work during the summer with scrubbing and top coating, saving the school district a lot of money in overtime and employee expenses.

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