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Benefits of a Commercial Professional Janitorial Supply Co.

Have you ever wondered how much waste can cost you? What is waste?  Well, it can be something as simple as not using a chemical or as complex as not measuring it out correctly.  We can help  tailor a plan that meets your needs and customize it to you and your facility.
Have you ever wondered how much you are paying for just using a name brand product? You would be amazed at home much money for advertising and brand recognition is built into a product that you buy because it has a recognizable name.  Also, is the advertisement true does one product really do it all?  We have found that this is really misleading and can cause damage.  So why not use our expertise to help you solve problems and save your money.

Have you ever wanted to do a job right the first time? We  have been in business in Central Texas for about 25 years.  We have over 50 years experience in this business. Can we help you…. you bet we can.

Have you ever wanted to know what the professionals know? Professionals know secrets like getting the water out of the toilet bowl so you are using the product full strength not diluted down and having to use more than is really necessary in one step.  We know many tips and tricks that can help save you time and money.  Sometimes it is just giving the product a few minutes to work that will make all the difference.  Call us… see if we can help.

Are you tired of misleading, high pressure commercials? You will never find us high pressuring.  And we REALLY stand behind all of our products. WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOVE IT!

Would you like to talk to someone who wants to earn your business by saving you time and money? That’s us.  WE love our customers and really think of them as friends.  WE REALLY CARE.  We would love to care about you.

Would you like to have a real person to talk to, that will really help
you with your cleaning problems?  If so just give us a call.  If we don’t know the answer we will do everything in our power to find one for you.

We love to share because we know that once you get this knowledge, you will have it the rest of your life…………..

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